Meet Barbara Soens, the heart and soul of Listenup

With an extensive career in PR, spanning more than twelve years, she thrives on challenge.

Whether it's working for a renowned brand or strategically forging a solid reputation for a newcomer, her voracious drive to bring out the best in her clients and establish them as a household name in lifestyle is what gets her juices flowing.

Depending on the client, she will put together a team of dedicated specialists prepared to go the extra mile, making Listenup one of the most dynamic & versatile agencies around.



Justine Busschaert: all-round pr coordinator

Justine is our in-house little bundle of joy. To know Justine is to love her. But don't allow yourself to be fooled by her vivacious and lively nature, Justine can drive a hard bargain if she needs to. She'll go the extra mile and even throw in a supplementary one for good measure. Unstoppable by choice, gracious by design: this girl is quite the character.


Alana Knight: showroom manager

With a name that sounds like a super hero, that's exactly what she is: the Buzz Lightyear among showroom managers, only a hell of a lot prettier. And with a smile to bring an end to all evil, this dedicated follower of fashion is entirely at your service.


Eva Thiessen: pr account manager

What do you get when you mix brains, beauty and bad-ass determination all together? Meet Eva Thiessen, our Bunsen burner.
With experience in both sales and marketing and a natural flair for a good story, she is an expert fire-starter. So sit back, buckle up and burn, baby burn.