the only way to do GREAT work, is to LOVE what you do

the only way to do
work, is to LOVE
what you do


Meet Barbara Soens, the heart and soul of Listenup

With an extensive career in PR, spanning more than twelve years, she thrives on challenge.

Whether it’s working for a renowned brand or strategically forging a solid reputation for a newcomer, her voracious drive to bring out the best in her clients and establish them as a household name in lifestyle is what gets her juices flowing.

Depending on the client, she will put together a team of dedicated specialists prepared to go the extra mile, making Listenup one of the most dynamic & versatile agencies around.


Justine Busschaert: all-round pr-coordinator

Justine is our in-house little bundle of joy. To know Justine is to love her. But don’t allow yourself to be fooled by her vivacious and lively nature, Justine can drive a hard bargain if she needs to. She’ll go the extra mile and even throw in a supplementary one for good measure. Unstoppable by choice, gracious by design: this girl is quite the character.  


Eva Thiessen: pr account manager

What do you get when you mix brains, beauty and bad-ass determination all together? Meet Eva Thiessen, our Bunsen burner. With experience in both sales and marketing and a natural flair for a good story, she is an expert fire-starter. So sit back, buckle up and burn, baby, burn. 




what we do


book pr

We believe every story deserves attention, and this also applies to books. Whether it’s a recipe book or a memoir, the success of a book largely depends on how it is introduced to its potential readers, which is where we enter the scene. By presenting a publication to relevant bloggers, journalists and other opinion makers, we make sure a good read doesn’t go unnoticed.

fashion & lifestyle pr

Our showroom reflects a mixture of international and Belgian labels, brands that we truly believe in. In close contact with our clients we develop a PR strategy, set targets and approach press accordingly. We happily advise on seeding and celebrity dressing. Personal contact is key and we aim to please. Store openings, fashion collaborations, product launches, pop up stores, press conferences, we have seen it all and love to be a partner in your brand story.

festival pr

With the amount of festivals on the increase, it has become challenging for festival organisers to distinguish themselves and properly convey what they stand for. By bringing across the unique features of a wide-scale event we make sure it receive its rightful spot, centre-stage in the field of entertainment.

food & hospitality pr

There is a lot more to eating these days than simply ‘stocking up on food’. Food reflects the lifestyle choices we make. Tables have become metaphors, meeting points for the likeminded to replenish. The conversation has shifted from filling a plate to pleasing a palate. There is a bit of a culinary revolution in the making here, and we love being a part of it. 

If there’s one relationship we really get, it’s the one between a host and his or her guest. So bring on your ventures and we will welcome them with heartfelt hospitality. 


talent management

Being talented is a gift. Surrounding yourself with the right people to turn this talent in a successful career means you’re not only talented but also smart. We can handle press requests, seek business opportunities and negotiate on your behalf. Our clients vary from stylists to bloggers and tv personalities.



who we work for


book pr

Emma Gelaude
Make My Dream Work

Julie Van den Kerchove
Easy Vegan

Lynn De Merlier
Goesting in gezondheid

Martine Prenen  

Nathalie Meskens
Plan Boost

Sandra Bekkari
Nooit meer diëten


fashion & lifestyle pr

Anne Zellien
Coco & Pine
Nathalie Vleeschouwer
Silvian Heach
Ted Baker
The Tutu Shop

festival pr

Laundry Day
elrow Town

food & hospitality pr

Abbot Kinney's
All Good
Club Cabane
Danieli il Divino
Danieli Zuid
De Shop


Julie Van den Kerchove
Lien Degol
Martine Prenen


Our Showroom

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